Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 1 - The Dennar Ruins

The party finds themselves in the Elea’Den Mountain Range, outside of a large structure entrance. They are informed by a Commander Krennen of the 45th Battalion of the Crown’s Guard that they are to enter the ruins and return with any vaulables found – being the 7th party sent in to investigate the ruins. Legion of Vas troops are approaching the ruins, and Krennen informs them it is vital that they accomplish their quest as timely as possible while his forces maintain a front line against the enemy.

The party decends the stairs, having found a previous breeching party having been killed by an exploding door trap. They continued inside, the first floor seeing them having engaged arrow traps and a party of Dakans that had slain most of the other parties that had breeched inside the ruins. The party managed to slay the Dakans, and descended down to the second floor of the ruins.

On the second floor, they had found that the ruins had penetrated an aquafier that was slowly causing the basement level to flood. The party also encounted Atagas, almost losing Tel’Sae to a giant version of the beast as it ambushed them. The party was able to located several items, and were preparing to return to the surface before they encounted another 5 Atagas.

Party -
[[:tel-sae | Tel’Sae
[[:dreggs | [[:dreggs | Dreggs]]
[[:gracesaadi-dryadson | Gracesaadi Dryadson
[[:horendithas | Horendithas]]
Leoword Darheges



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