Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 2 - The Village of Eddan and the Highroad to Grenns

The party escaped the dungeon after a continued battle with natural inhabitants of the ruins – however they were unable to locate as many valuables as the Kingdom of Ahrea was hoping for.

The party was reinforced with an 8th breeching team – Reen, Kovs, and Iel joined the party as they returned to the surface.

The battle for the Elea’Den Mountain Ranger became a losing proposition for the Kingdom of Ahrea, as it was demonstrated to the party by Commander Krennen being killed in front of them due to Legion of Vas artillery. Captain Corden of the 45th Division was immediately promoted to Commander following Krennen’s death, and personally saw to the party’s safety during the Kingdom’s retreat from the mountain range.

The party was soon dropped off at the village of Eddan, while the remaining Kingdom of Ahrea forces retreated to the loyalist city of Grenns.

After resupplying in Eddan, the party continued onwards to meet up with the Kingdom’s forces in Grenns.

However, the party encountered a large pack of wild wolves on the travel across the eastern portion of the Elea’Den Mountain Range, and Kovs was killed by the beasts in defense of his party. He was buried hastily alongside the Highroad, and the party continued onwards.

Acrail was also attacked by a mountain lion during his guard watch during this period of travel, however managed to survive the attack.

The party eventually made it to the city of Grenns, and was offered a clandestine quest by Commander Corden. He assigned them to head into the Vilra Valley and recover more important masterwork and magical-grade arms and armor from the ruins within the valley, though locals Reen and Iel were quick to point out that it would be a suicide mission with such a small party.

The party rested after accepting the quest offer from Commander Corden, and several members of the party agreed to enlist in the Kingdom of Ahrea’s standing forces.



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