Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 4 - The Vilra Valley and the Norredes Ruins

After Reen had fully recovered from her injuries sustained during the Battle of Grenns, the party looked towards finding new work. Party members Tel’Sae and Dreggs were concerned with their involvement with the conflict, however were convinced to stay with the party after discussions.

Edaros was informed of Commander Corden’s earlier attempt to get the party to investigate the ruins of the Vilra Valley, and requested them to retrieve whatever arms and armor they could retrieve from the area to assist the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea in defending the city of Grenns from counter-attacks from the Kingdom Ahrea forces in the area. The party accepted these terms, and went out to the valley.

On their way to the Vilra Valley, the party came across a caravan of FPRONA troops. The party bartered with the force and Reen guided them to Grenns, where the caravan was needed to reinforce the newly claimed city.

The party also visited the mountain town of Trenerrs on the way into the valley, resting for several days in the town.

The party began their journey into the Vilra Valley after their stop in Trenerrs, coming across the region-famous hot springs and paint pots. After recovering a magic Flaming sword from one of the hot springs, the party continued towards the Norredes ruins.

Inside the ruins, the party found that it had been partially destroyed by the naturally occurring hot springs outside, and had to tread carefully as the ruins were slowly crumbling into the springs.

As they continued into the ruins, the party came across a number of green and black drakes. It was determined that the ruins were being used as a nest for the creatures, and they were exterminated during a pitched fight. Reen was severely wounded during this encounter after being bit in the neck by a drake, and was left for dead accidentally.

The party also encountered a large stone stature that was activated by magic, and was eventually forced into combat against this golem. The party barely survived this skirmish, and carried on further in the ruins.

The party soon began to find that the ruins were completely compromised to the outside elements, as the roof in the northern portions of the ruins had caved in and snow was actively blowing into the dungeon. However, the party soon began finding frozen chambers and snow covering entire portions of the dungeon that had still a roof above it, and the party was unsure as to what was occurring.

However, they eventually discovered that a young white dragon had been the cause of the climate changes. The dragon had used the ruins as it’s private lair while it waited for the 2nd War of the Reign to end, and was rather annoyed by the party entering it’s domain. It did not give them a chance to parley, and attacked immediately. Iel was near instantly killed by the dragon as it rended her with it’s claws, though the party managed to kill the dragon after a long battle with the beast.

The party went about looting the dragon’s lair and Iel’s belongings, and left the dark elf’s body behind as they exited the ruins.



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