Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 6 - The Return To Grenns, The Sacking of Ordess, and the Anderran Mountains

The party returned to Grenns after a nearly two week trip through the Vilra Valley and the open tundra. Upon being asked by Edaros if they had recovered any arms for his resistance fighters, the majority of the party lied to the FPRONA leader and informed him that they had not.

After they had spoken with Edaros, the party went about selling the majority of the equipment they had recovered from the Norredes Ruins and the Towers of Vendir Dia’Gav, having made a large personal profit of the treasure that they had recovered.

The party met a woman by the name of Anera in one of the local taverns, and Egan took a liking to the fighter almost immediately. Desperate for work in the severely economically depressed region, the fighter agreed to assist the party in their future expeditions.

As a personal favor to Reen, Edaros told his dear friend to run away from Grenns and deny her ties to the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, as he had been informed that the Kingdom Ahrea’s Green Guard had been sent in order to reclaim Grenns from the FPRONA resistance. Fearing Commander Renns of the Green Guard as a superior tactician and lacking faith in his troops to be able to resist the Kingdom’s elite forces from reclaiming the city, Edaros planned for an evacuation of the city as Reen and the rest of the party retreated to the south.

Free of any bonds to the current conflict brewing between the Legion of Vas, the Kingdom Ahrea, and the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, the party carried on to the village of Ordess.

As they traveled the open tundra to reach Ordess, the party came across a lone skier who was returning to Grenns. Though the party initially figured he was an innocent bystander, Reen realized that the man had informed the Kingdom’s forces of the FPRONA resistance in Grenns, and killed the man on the spot.

At some point during their last stay in Grenns, Acrail picked up a book about the lore of dragons in the world of Iellos. His studies of this book seemed to have became an obsessive habit during their trip to Ordess – having became reclusive from the rest of his party.

As the party entered Ordess, they entered the tavern to relax and barter for inn rooms. This was cut short as Acrail murdered the tavern and inn owner during a dispute over the price of a night’s stay, and the party became involved into a large brawl against them. Tel’Sae, Dreggs, Cre’Daes, and Anera all withdrew their support of their allies during the brawl. The rest of the party assisted Acrail, and killed all of the remaining 8 villagers of the town during the fight.

Outraged at their companions, Tel’Sae, Dreggs, Cre’Daes, and Anera threatened to desert their allies for this massacre of innocent civilians, however Gracadi was able to prevent them from leaving the party after heated discussion.

Reen discovered that the book that Acrail had found contained some magic property, as she realized he had utilized some sort of dragon’s breath spell in order to kill the civilians that he had murdered. She quickly grew very hesitant in her reactions towards him, as she had become somewhat fond of him beforehand.

The party carried on after the massacre at Ordess, having found a dungeon that had been marked on Dregg’s map in the area. As the party continued on they realized that Acrail had become increasing agitated, and several members were forced to restrain him after he attempted to attack Egan with dragon’s breath. Reen was severely disappointed in her ally for having attempting to utilize the power of dragons, and went about burning his book to prevent him from learning any more of those dark arts.

Eventually, the party reached the Yoerden ruins within the Anderran Mountain Range, and rested outside the ruins before entering them.



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