Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 8 - The Village of Evaderrs and the Ruins of Orlen

The party managed to successfully exit the Ruins of Yoerden – but at a heavy loss. Longtime party members Leoword Darheges and Anera had been killed in combat against the minotaur, along with recent retainers Orde, Rovder, and Idera.

Shaken by the loss of so many allies and unwilling to allow himself to face the same fate as the five they had lost, Acrail decided he would form a Company that would shield him from harm – “Absorbing the losses” as he put it. Reen was offput by his complete disregard for humanoid lives, and figured her distance from him was for the best. However, his assistance in the overall objectives for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea was unable to be discarded, and Reen kept with the party to ensure their compliance with the resistance group.

Upon checking their map for the nearest town, Dreggs pointed out that the village of Evaderrs was the closest to them, and so the party decided to head there. Shortly after leaving the Yoerden Ruins, the party came across a Dark Elf Ranger named Edworth, and quickly initiated him into their ranks.

Along the way to Evaderrs they encountered a squad of the Kingdom Ahrea’s Green Guard, who were heading out to secure the recently destroyed village of Ordess. The Green Guard unit inquired if the party knew anything about the massacre which occurred at Ordess, though the party boldly lied and stated they knew nothing about the village. Unable to press any further information from them, the Green Guard continued on to the village, though the party was able to see that the unit was mobilizing – in the form of multiple drakes taking even more squads of the Green Guard northbound.

The party reached Evaderrs and took the opportunity to rest and rearm after their most recent excursion. Tel’Sae and Cre’Daes received a +1 Flaming Longsword and a +1 Staff of Continual Light respectively from Acrail, and the wizard went about searching the village for a new pet. After receiving an elven hound from the local pet shop, Acrail came across a slaver with a young dark elven woman named Ali’Dae for sale. Acrail quickly took the opportunity to buy the woman’s freedom, and in return Ali’Dae decided to join his party in order to profit from his expeditions.

Unsatisfied with his most recent additions to his group, Acrail went on a recruiting drive in the village, visiting every tavern in order to find more retainers for his new “Company”. Due to the very unstable and depressed economy of North Ahrea, Acrail was quickly able to round up a band of twelve new recruits – though he was beaten in one of the taverns after proudly announcing his allegiance to the FPRONA. Despite this setback, Acrail felt as if he had gathered enough recruits to continue adventuring, and decided with the rest of the party to set forth once more.

Dreggs pointed out the Ruins of Orlen as a suitable location to adventure to, and the party set off. Upon reaching the ruins and entering, the party split into three groups. The Company’s new Advisor Gorrs was to watch the entrance of the mountain hall with the majority of the new group, while Acrail and Edworth split their party into two groups of six to investigate the ruins.

Edworth, Tel’Sae, Crea’Deas, Gracesaadi Dryadson, Elida, and Evvers went down the northern passage and encountered more dakans, which were quickly dispatched by the group. However, they heard clearly humanoid voices declaring that “we’re sending a squad to investigate” after they eliminated the Dakans.

Acrail, Reen, Ali’Dae, Ealla, Nal’Lea, and Dorus were not as lucky, however, and encountered a giant Nocsune that had been chained into the room they entered. Despite fighting bravely against the creature, the Nocsune grabbed Dorus and Nal’Lea. Nal’Lea was nearly killed by the insect, though it dropped her in favor of using Dorus as a makeshift club. It swung the gnome around and caused severe injuries to the majority of the group, finally being felled by Reen after she snuck around it and killed it from behind. However, Dorus was caught underneath the creature as it fell over dead, and was crushed by it. Despite Gorrs’ group coming to assist Acrail’s group in removing Dorus from underneath the creature, it was apparent it was too late.

A few members of the new party were very horrified by the fate that Dorus had come across, though Acrail calmed them by stating they would kill anything else hostile within the ruins. He elected for his group to rest, deciding he would press on forward within a short amount of time.



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