Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 3 - The Battle of Grenns

Reen and Iel reveal that they are spies for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea to the rest of the party – informing them that the Kingdom of Ahrea has long overstayed their welcome in Grenns.

The party is informed of the FPRONA plot to take control of Grenns from the Kingdom via force, and all members of the party are compliant in order to assist the FPRONA resistance forces raiding Grenns.

Reen takes the party and introduces them to Edaros, the leader of the FPRONA’s militarized resistance movement against the Kingdom of Ahrea. Edaros plans for a full-scale invasion of Grenns while most of the Kingdom’s 45th Division are still worn down from their battle in the Elea’Den Mountain Range. Edaros personally appoints the party to track down and kill Commander Corden as to completely disrupt the Kingdom of Ahrea’s command structure in the area.

The party returns to the city and waits for the assault to begin – Reen leaving the party in order to lead a number of the FPRONA resistance fighters into key strongholds in the city.

The party’s attempted assassination of Commander Corden goes awry as they are immediately discovered attempting to traverse between two building to enter the Commander’s private quarters. The party barely manages to escape after fighting off a number of the 45th Division’s troops, though this forces the FPRONA’s troops to begin the assault earlier than expected.

The fighting for Grenns was chaotic, as the FPRONA managed to capture several Kingdom of Ahrea artillery cannons and used them against the defensive strongholds within Grenns itself. Though traditional combat between the FPRONA’s forces and 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea’s troops led to heavy casualties on both sides, the indirect fire from the FPRONA artillery barrage caused a severe stalemate during the battle. An unintentional result of the misguided artillery fire led to multiple civilian sites in Grenns being demolished, and an undetermined number of civilians were killed during the battle.

Reen was severely wounded by swordcuts during the struggle to hold Grenns from the 45th Division, though her allies in the FPRONA were able to eventually drive out the few remaining survivors of the 45th after the FPRONA artillery barrages proved to have been too devastating to the Kingdom of Ahrea’s efforts to hold Grenns as a strategic location.

The party was able to capture Commander Corden during the ending hour of the battle, and executed him in private before returning the remains to Edaros. Reen was rescued amongst many other wounded members of the FPRONA, and Edaros rewarded the party for their efforts in disrupting the Kingdom of Ahrea’s influence upon North Ahrea.

Despite being a strategic victory for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, it was a costly battle for the few forces that the FPRONA had on hand. Edaros quickly began sending messengers in order to rout loyalists to Grenns, as he feared that a counterattack by the Kingdom or a new assault by the Legion of Vas would quickly reclaim Grenns into enemy hands.

The surviving citizens of Grenns were horribly upset with their supposed “saviors”, as indirect and unguided FPRONA artillery barrages had destroyed a large portion of Grenns, along with causing an undetermined number of civilian deaths during the battle.

Battle of Grenns Statistics -
Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea -
Leader: Edaros
Strength: 186 Resistance Fighters, 4 Mortar Cannons
Casualties: 87 KIA, 28 WIA

45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea
Leader: Commander Corden (Killed in Action)
Strength: 448 Troops
Casualties: 126 KIA, 73 WIA



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