Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 5 -The Towers of Vendir Dia'Gav

The party continued on their way through the Vilra Valley, having taken note of ruins depicted on the other side of the nearby Antorren River on their map. They carried onto the rivers, being delayed by the multiple hot springs, paint pots, and other natural hazards along the way.

Despite having been left for dead by her supposed allies, Reen managed to dress her wounds and continue on herself, dragging herself out of the Norredes ruins in order to complete her quest for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea. Finding evidence of the party having headed towards the Antorren, she carried on after them.

The party came across the Antorren River, and found a young wood elf wizard by the name of Cre’Daes along it’s banks. The wizard stated she was too weak to attempt to ford the river, but Tel’Sae replied by simply carrying the wizard with her as she crossed the river with the rest of the party. The fording was hazardous as the runoff of the river was extremely high, and the party almost lost Egan, Tel’Sae, and Cre’Daes as they attempted to cross. However, the party survived crossing the river, and carried on to the nearby ruins.

They found two towers upon their arrival to the location, and split up in order to search both of the towers.

Gracidi, Leoward, Tel’Sae, and Cre’Daes encountered a very young green dragon in their search of the tower they had entered, and after a pitched battle managed to kill the creature.

Acrail, Egan, and Dreggs carried on their own search in the other tower, encountering a number of creatures known as Dinis. After having slayed the reptilians, the party carried on to the top floor of the tower.

A Dak’Rahn (true draconian) by the name of Vendir Dia’Gav (Draconic Translation: Vendir Death Giver) awaited the 2nd party as they entered the top level, and was amused by their overall antics. Vendir informed the party that he was holding the location for the Legion of Vas to take over, and offered the party to surrender to him in order to spare their lives. The party did not agree to these terms and fought Vendir and his imp pets.

Vendir was killed during the struggle, though Egan was almost killed during the battle as well.

As the party exited the ruins (which Acrail declared his personal property after the skirmishes), they encountered Reen. She asked if the party had recovered any property that the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea could use, though the party lied to her and informed her that they hadn’t.

Defeated and unaware of the treasures that the party had found, Reen turned around to return to Grenns. The party joined her in the return trip, for the most part unwilling to part with any of the items they had recovered during their journey.



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