Commander Corden

Commander, 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea


Corden was a captain in the 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea, and fought with his division during the Battle of the Elea’Den Mountains and in the Battle of Grenns.

Corden was promoted to Commander of the 45th Division during the course of the Battle of the Elea’Den Mountains, as the previous commander (Commander Krennen) was killed by mortarfire during the retreat at the end of the battle. He oversaw the general retreat of the 45th Division to the City of Grenns, surrendering the Elea’Dens to the Legion of Vas.

The party eventually reached Grenns after a delay in the village of Eddan, and Commander Corden received them as allies to the Kingdom Ahrea. He offered the party a quest to the Vilra Valley in order to recover arms and armor from the region for his troops, but the party declined upon declaring the quest as a suicide mission.

Corden was unaware that party members Reen and Iel were spies for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, and unwittingly revealed the locations of the key Kingdom Ahrea strongholds within Grenns to them, having expected that the party was going to join the war effort against the Legion of Vas in the Kingdom’s favor.

The party eventually returned to Grenns, though they were part of the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea forces. The party attempted an assassination of Corden, though he was quickly able to escape the initial attack after the party was spotted attempting to break into his private quarters.

Corden then went on to lead his remaining troops during the attack on Grenns, attempting to hold off the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea so they would be unable to take Grenns from the Kingdom Ahrea’s control. The majority of the 45th Division was wiped out in the Battle of the Elea’Den Mountains, however, and the survivors soon began to disband and dissert the Division after they came under heavy fire from FPRONA artillery cannons and mortars.

Corden led the remaining troops in a last ditch defense effort against the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, though he was eventually captured by the party after they encountered him outside the 45th Division’s headquarters. After his capture, the remaining survivors of the 45 Division abandoned Grenns, leaving it to be captured by the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea.

Corden was executed by the party soon after his capture, and was beheaded by either Egan or Horendithias. Corden’s head was presented to Edaros, and the resistance leader eventually put Corden’s head on a pike outside of Grenns, using him as an example for the Kingdom Ahrea to explain the consequences of attempting to reclaim land from the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea.


Commander Corden

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