Commander Krennen

Commander, 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea


Krennen was the human commander of the 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea, and was the commanding officer in charge of the Kingdom’s forces during the Battle of Elea’Den Mountains in AC1262.

Commander Krennen was the one to initially form the party – having assembled them as a civilian “breeching” party to enter the Dennar Ruins in search of equipment and arms for his forces.

While the party searched the Dennar Ruins, Commander Krennen faced overwhelming odds in attempting to hold the Elea’Den Mountain Range from the Legion of Vas. Though he had his 45th Division hold onto the main Elea’Den mountain in order for the breeching parties to return from the Dennar Ruins, overwhelming artillery and mortar fire from the Legion eventually made the mountain undefendable.

As the party returned to the main 45th Division line and lied about what they had found in the ruins, Commander Krennen reluctantly called for a general retreat to the city of Grenns to the east of the Elea’Den Mountain Range.

Commander Krennen was killed during the retreat, having been directly hit by mortar fire while he oversaw the evacuation of the civilian breeching parties.

Commander Krennen

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