Human Fighter


Rovder was a human fighter during the events of AC1262, though there is not much else known of this person.

Rovder was captured by Dakans within the Adgerran Mountain Range of North Ahrea, alongside Orde, Idera, and several other adventurers. They were transported to the Nodervern Ruins within the mountain range, where Rovder was to face torture and execution by the draconians.

Rovder was freed along with Orde and Idera by the party, and accompanied the party as they went about clearing the ruins.

Rovder eventually was killed by a band of Dakans during an ambush while his party explored the ruins. Rovder launched a counter-assault against the draconians in an attempt to rescue his ally Orde, though he was unsuccessful as the Dakans killed the rogue. Rovder was overrun by the draconians soon after, and was killed by draconian spearmen.


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