Ahrea Sidestory: The Northern Front

Session 8 - The Village of Evaderrs and the Ruins of Orlen

The party managed to successfully exit the Ruins of Yoerden – but at a heavy loss. Longtime party members Leoword Darheges and Anera had been killed in combat against the minotaur, along with recent retainers Orde, Rovder, and Idera.

Shaken by the loss of so many allies and unwilling to allow himself to face the same fate as the five they had lost, Acrail decided he would form a Company that would shield him from harm – “Absorbing the losses” as he put it. Reen was offput by his complete disregard for humanoid lives, and figured her distance from him was for the best. However, his assistance in the overall objectives for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea was unable to be discarded, and Reen kept with the party to ensure their compliance with the resistance group.

Upon checking their map for the nearest town, Dreggs pointed out that the village of Evaderrs was the closest to them, and so the party decided to head there. Shortly after leaving the Yoerden Ruins, the party came across a Dark Elf Ranger named Edworth, and quickly initiated him into their ranks.

Along the way to Evaderrs they encountered a squad of the Kingdom Ahrea’s Green Guard, who were heading out to secure the recently destroyed village of Ordess. The Green Guard unit inquired if the party knew anything about the massacre which occurred at Ordess, though the party boldly lied and stated they knew nothing about the village. Unable to press any further information from them, the Green Guard continued on to the village, though the party was able to see that the unit was mobilizing – in the form of multiple drakes taking even more squads of the Green Guard northbound.

The party reached Evaderrs and took the opportunity to rest and rearm after their most recent excursion. Tel’Sae and Cre’Daes received a +1 Flaming Longsword and a +1 Staff of Continual Light respectively from Acrail, and the wizard went about searching the village for a new pet. After receiving an elven hound from the local pet shop, Acrail came across a slaver with a young dark elven woman named Ali’Dae for sale. Acrail quickly took the opportunity to buy the woman’s freedom, and in return Ali’Dae decided to join his party in order to profit from his expeditions.

Unsatisfied with his most recent additions to his group, Acrail went on a recruiting drive in the village, visiting every tavern in order to find more retainers for his new “Company”. Due to the very unstable and depressed economy of North Ahrea, Acrail was quickly able to round up a band of twelve new recruits – though he was beaten in one of the taverns after proudly announcing his allegiance to the FPRONA. Despite this setback, Acrail felt as if he had gathered enough recruits to continue adventuring, and decided with the rest of the party to set forth once more.

Dreggs pointed out the Ruins of Orlen as a suitable location to adventure to, and the party set off. Upon reaching the ruins and entering, the party split into three groups. The Company’s new Advisor Gorrs was to watch the entrance of the mountain hall with the majority of the new group, while Acrail and Edworth split their party into two groups of six to investigate the ruins.

Edworth, Tel’Sae, Crea’Deas, Gracesaadi Dryadson, Elida, and Evvers went down the northern passage and encountered more dakans, which were quickly dispatched by the group. However, they heard clearly humanoid voices declaring that “we’re sending a squad to investigate” after they eliminated the Dakans.

Acrail, Reen, Ali’Dae, Ealla, Nal’Lea, and Dorus were not as lucky, however, and encountered a giant Nocsune that had been chained into the room they entered. Despite fighting bravely against the creature, the Nocsune grabbed Dorus and Nal’Lea. Nal’Lea was nearly killed by the insect, though it dropped her in favor of using Dorus as a makeshift club. It swung the gnome around and caused severe injuries to the majority of the group, finally being felled by Reen after she snuck around it and killed it from behind. However, Dorus was caught underneath the creature as it fell over dead, and was crushed by it. Despite Gorrs’ group coming to assist Acrail’s group in removing Dorus from underneath the creature, it was apparent it was too late.

A few members of the new party were very horrified by the fate that Dorus had come across, though Acrail calmed them by stating they would kill anything else hostile within the ruins. He elected for his group to rest, deciding he would press on forward within a short amount of time.

Session 7 - The Yoerden Ruins

Anera killed
Leoword Darheges killed
Rovder killed
Orde killed
Idera killed

Session 6 - The Return To Grenns, The Sacking of Ordess, and the Anderran Mountains

The party returned to Grenns after a nearly two week trip through the Vilra Valley and the open tundra. Upon being asked by Edaros if they had recovered any arms for his resistance fighters, the majority of the party lied to the FPRONA leader and informed him that they had not.

After they had spoken with Edaros, the party went about selling the majority of the equipment they had recovered from the Norredes Ruins and the Towers of Vendir Dia’Gav, having made a large personal profit of the treasure that they had recovered.

The party met a woman by the name of Anera in one of the local taverns, and Egan took a liking to the fighter almost immediately. Desperate for work in the severely economically depressed region, the fighter agreed to assist the party in their future expeditions.

As a personal favor to Reen, Edaros told his dear friend to run away from Grenns and deny her ties to the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, as he had been informed that the Kingdom Ahrea’s Green Guard had been sent in order to reclaim Grenns from the FPRONA resistance. Fearing Commander Renns of the Green Guard as a superior tactician and lacking faith in his troops to be able to resist the Kingdom’s elite forces from reclaiming the city, Edaros planned for an evacuation of the city as Reen and the rest of the party retreated to the south.

Free of any bonds to the current conflict brewing between the Legion of Vas, the Kingdom Ahrea, and the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, the party carried on to the village of Ordess.

As they traveled the open tundra to reach Ordess, the party came across a lone skier who was returning to Grenns. Though the party initially figured he was an innocent bystander, Reen realized that the man had informed the Kingdom’s forces of the FPRONA resistance in Grenns, and killed the man on the spot.

At some point during their last stay in Grenns, Acrail picked up a book about the lore of dragons in the world of Iellos. His studies of this book seemed to have became an obsessive habit during their trip to Ordess – having became reclusive from the rest of his party.

As the party entered Ordess, they entered the tavern to relax and barter for inn rooms. This was cut short as Acrail murdered the tavern and inn owner during a dispute over the price of a night’s stay, and the party became involved into a large brawl against them. Tel’Sae, Dreggs, Cre’Daes, and Anera all withdrew their support of their allies during the brawl. The rest of the party assisted Acrail, and killed all of the remaining 8 villagers of the town during the fight.

Outraged at their companions, Tel’Sae, Dreggs, Cre’Daes, and Anera threatened to desert their allies for this massacre of innocent civilians, however Gracadi was able to prevent them from leaving the party after heated discussion.

Reen discovered that the book that Acrail had found contained some magic property, as she realized he had utilized some sort of dragon’s breath spell in order to kill the civilians that he had murdered. She quickly grew very hesitant in her reactions towards him, as she had become somewhat fond of him beforehand.

The party carried on after the massacre at Ordess, having found a dungeon that had been marked on Dregg’s map in the area. As the party continued on they realized that Acrail had become increasing agitated, and several members were forced to restrain him after he attempted to attack Egan with dragon’s breath. Reen was severely disappointed in her ally for having attempting to utilize the power of dragons, and went about burning his book to prevent him from learning any more of those dark arts.

Eventually, the party reached the Yoerden ruins within the Anderran Mountain Range, and rested outside the ruins before entering them.

Session 5 -The Towers of Vendir Dia'Gav

The party continued on their way through the Vilra Valley, having taken note of ruins depicted on the other side of the nearby Antorren River on their map. They carried onto the rivers, being delayed by the multiple hot springs, paint pots, and other natural hazards along the way.

Despite having been left for dead by her supposed allies, Reen managed to dress her wounds and continue on herself, dragging herself out of the Norredes ruins in order to complete her quest for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea. Finding evidence of the party having headed towards the Antorren, she carried on after them.

The party came across the Antorren River, and found a young wood elf wizard by the name of Cre’Daes along it’s banks. The wizard stated she was too weak to attempt to ford the river, but Tel’Sae replied by simply carrying the wizard with her as she crossed the river with the rest of the party. The fording was hazardous as the runoff of the river was extremely high, and the party almost lost Egan, Tel’Sae, and Cre’Daes as they attempted to cross. However, the party survived crossing the river, and carried on to the nearby ruins.

They found two towers upon their arrival to the location, and split up in order to search both of the towers.

Gracidi, Leoward, Tel’Sae, and Cre’Daes encountered a very young green dragon in their search of the tower they had entered, and after a pitched battle managed to kill the creature.

Acrail, Egan, and Dreggs carried on their own search in the other tower, encountering a number of creatures known as Dinis. After having slayed the reptilians, the party carried on to the top floor of the tower.

A Dak’Rahn (true draconian) by the name of Vendir Dia’Gav (Draconic Translation: Vendir Death Giver) awaited the 2nd party as they entered the top level, and was amused by their overall antics. Vendir informed the party that he was holding the location for the Legion of Vas to take over, and offered the party to surrender to him in order to spare their lives. The party did not agree to these terms and fought Vendir and his imp pets.

Vendir was killed during the struggle, though Egan was almost killed during the battle as well.

As the party exited the ruins (which Acrail declared his personal property after the skirmishes), they encountered Reen. She asked if the party had recovered any property that the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea could use, though the party lied to her and informed her that they hadn’t.

Defeated and unaware of the treasures that the party had found, Reen turned around to return to Grenns. The party joined her in the return trip, for the most part unwilling to part with any of the items they had recovered during their journey.

Session 4 - The Vilra Valley and the Norredes Ruins

After Reen had fully recovered from her injuries sustained during the Battle of Grenns, the party looked towards finding new work. Party members Tel’Sae and Dreggs were concerned with their involvement with the conflict, however were convinced to stay with the party after discussions.

Edaros was informed of Commander Corden’s earlier attempt to get the party to investigate the ruins of the Vilra Valley, and requested them to retrieve whatever arms and armor they could retrieve from the area to assist the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea in defending the city of Grenns from counter-attacks from the Kingdom Ahrea forces in the area. The party accepted these terms, and went out to the valley.

On their way to the Vilra Valley, the party came across a caravan of FPRONA troops. The party bartered with the force and Reen guided them to Grenns, where the caravan was needed to reinforce the newly claimed city.

The party also visited the mountain town of Trenerrs on the way into the valley, resting for several days in the town.

The party began their journey into the Vilra Valley after their stop in Trenerrs, coming across the region-famous hot springs and paint pots. After recovering a magic Flaming sword from one of the hot springs, the party continued towards the Norredes ruins.

Inside the ruins, the party found that it had been partially destroyed by the naturally occurring hot springs outside, and had to tread carefully as the ruins were slowly crumbling into the springs.

As they continued into the ruins, the party came across a number of green and black drakes. It was determined that the ruins were being used as a nest for the creatures, and they were exterminated during a pitched fight. Reen was severely wounded during this encounter after being bit in the neck by a drake, and was left for dead accidentally.

The party also encountered a large stone stature that was activated by magic, and was eventually forced into combat against this golem. The party barely survived this skirmish, and carried on further in the ruins.

The party soon began to find that the ruins were completely compromised to the outside elements, as the roof in the northern portions of the ruins had caved in and snow was actively blowing into the dungeon. However, the party soon began finding frozen chambers and snow covering entire portions of the dungeon that had still a roof above it, and the party was unsure as to what was occurring.

However, they eventually discovered that a young white dragon had been the cause of the climate changes. The dragon had used the ruins as it’s private lair while it waited for the 2nd War of the Reign to end, and was rather annoyed by the party entering it’s domain. It did not give them a chance to parley, and attacked immediately. Iel was near instantly killed by the dragon as it rended her with it’s claws, though the party managed to kill the dragon after a long battle with the beast.

The party went about looting the dragon’s lair and Iel’s belongings, and left the dark elf’s body behind as they exited the ruins.

Session 3 - The Battle of Grenns

Reen and Iel reveal that they are spies for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea to the rest of the party – informing them that the Kingdom of Ahrea has long overstayed their welcome in Grenns.

The party is informed of the FPRONA plot to take control of Grenns from the Kingdom via force, and all members of the party are compliant in order to assist the FPRONA resistance forces raiding Grenns.

Reen takes the party and introduces them to Edaros, the leader of the FPRONA’s militarized resistance movement against the Kingdom of Ahrea. Edaros plans for a full-scale invasion of Grenns while most of the Kingdom’s 45th Division are still worn down from their battle in the Elea’Den Mountain Range. Edaros personally appoints the party to track down and kill Commander Corden as to completely disrupt the Kingdom of Ahrea’s command structure in the area.

The party returns to the city and waits for the assault to begin – Reen leaving the party in order to lead a number of the FPRONA resistance fighters into key strongholds in the city.

The party’s attempted assassination of Commander Corden goes awry as they are immediately discovered attempting to traverse between two building to enter the Commander’s private quarters. The party barely manages to escape after fighting off a number of the 45th Division’s troops, though this forces the FPRONA’s troops to begin the assault earlier than expected.

The fighting for Grenns was chaotic, as the FPRONA managed to capture several Kingdom of Ahrea artillery cannons and used them against the defensive strongholds within Grenns itself. Though traditional combat between the FPRONA’s forces and 45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea’s troops led to heavy casualties on both sides, the indirect fire from the FPRONA artillery barrage caused a severe stalemate during the battle. An unintentional result of the misguided artillery fire led to multiple civilian sites in Grenns being demolished, and an undetermined number of civilians were killed during the battle.

Reen was severely wounded by swordcuts during the struggle to hold Grenns from the 45th Division, though her allies in the FPRONA were able to eventually drive out the few remaining survivors of the 45th after the FPRONA artillery barrages proved to have been too devastating to the Kingdom of Ahrea’s efforts to hold Grenns as a strategic location.

The party was able to capture Commander Corden during the ending hour of the battle, and executed him in private before returning the remains to Edaros. Reen was rescued amongst many other wounded members of the FPRONA, and Edaros rewarded the party for their efforts in disrupting the Kingdom of Ahrea’s influence upon North Ahrea.

Despite being a strategic victory for the Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea, it was a costly battle for the few forces that the FPRONA had on hand. Edaros quickly began sending messengers in order to rout loyalists to Grenns, as he feared that a counterattack by the Kingdom or a new assault by the Legion of Vas would quickly reclaim Grenns into enemy hands.

The surviving citizens of Grenns were horribly upset with their supposed “saviors”, as indirect and unguided FPRONA artillery barrages had destroyed a large portion of Grenns, along with causing an undetermined number of civilian deaths during the battle.

Battle of Grenns Statistics -
Free People’s Republic of North Ahrea -
Leader: Edaros
Strength: 186 Resistance Fighters, 4 Mortar Cannons
Casualties: 87 KIA, 28 WIA

45th Division of the Kingdom Ahrea
Leader: Commander Corden (Killed in Action)
Strength: 448 Troops
Casualties: 126 KIA, 73 WIA

Session 2 - The Village of Eddan and the Highroad to Grenns

The party escaped the dungeon after a continued battle with natural inhabitants of the ruins – however they were unable to locate as many valuables as the Kingdom of Ahrea was hoping for.

The party was reinforced with an 8th breeching team – Reen, Kovs, and Iel joined the party as they returned to the surface.

The battle for the Elea’Den Mountain Ranger became a losing proposition for the Kingdom of Ahrea, as it was demonstrated to the party by Commander Krennen being killed in front of them due to Legion of Vas artillery. Captain Corden of the 45th Division was immediately promoted to Commander following Krennen’s death, and personally saw to the party’s safety during the Kingdom’s retreat from the mountain range.

The party was soon dropped off at the village of Eddan, while the remaining Kingdom of Ahrea forces retreated to the loyalist city of Grenns.

After resupplying in Eddan, the party continued onwards to meet up with the Kingdom’s forces in Grenns.

However, the party encountered a large pack of wild wolves on the travel across the eastern portion of the Elea’Den Mountain Range, and Kovs was killed by the beasts in defense of his party. He was buried hastily alongside the Highroad, and the party continued onwards.

Acrail was also attacked by a mountain lion during his guard watch during this period of travel, however managed to survive the attack.

The party eventually made it to the city of Grenns, and was offered a clandestine quest by Commander Corden. He assigned them to head into the Vilra Valley and recover more important masterwork and magical-grade arms and armor from the ruins within the valley, though locals Reen and Iel were quick to point out that it would be a suicide mission with such a small party.

The party rested after accepting the quest offer from Commander Corden, and several members of the party agreed to enlist in the Kingdom of Ahrea’s standing forces.

Session 1 - The Dennar Ruins

The party finds themselves in the Elea’Den Mountain Range, outside of a large structure entrance. They are informed by a Commander Krennen of the 45th Battalion of the Crown’s Guard that they are to enter the ruins and return with any vaulables found – being the 7th party sent in to investigate the ruins. Legion of Vas troops are approaching the ruins, and Krennen informs them it is vital that they accomplish their quest as timely as possible while his forces maintain a front line against the enemy.

The party decends the stairs, having found a previous breeching party having been killed by an exploding door trap. They continued inside, the first floor seeing them having engaged arrow traps and a party of Dakans that had slain most of the other parties that had breeched inside the ruins. The party managed to slay the Dakans, and descended down to the second floor of the ruins.

On the second floor, they had found that the ruins had penetrated an aquafier that was slowly causing the basement level to flood. The party also encounted Atagas, almost losing Tel’Sae to a giant version of the beast as it ambushed them. The party was able to located several items, and were preparing to return to the surface before they encounted another 5 Atagas.

Party -
[[:tel-sae | Tel’Sae
[[:dreggs | [[:dreggs | Dreggs]]
[[:gracesaadi-dryadson | Gracesaadi Dryadson
[[:horendithas | Horendithas]]
Leoword Darheges


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