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  • Session 1 - The Dennar Ruins

    The party finds themselves in the Elea'Den Mountain Range, outside of a large structure entrance. They are informed by a Commander Krennen of the 45th Battalion of the Crown's Guard that they are to enter the ruins and return with any vaulables found - …

  • The Battle of Grenns

    Reen and Iel reveal that they are spies for the Free People's Republic of North Ahrea to the rest of the party - informing them that the Kingdom of Ahrea has long overstayed their welcome in Grenns. The party is informed of the FPRONA plot to take …

  • Session 4 - The Vilra Valley and the Norredes Ruins

    After Reen had fully recovered from her injuries sustained during the Battle of Grenns, the party looked towards finding new work. Party members Tel'Sae and Dreggs were concerned with their involvement with the conflict, however were convinced to stay …

  • The Towers of Vendir Dia'Gav

    The party continued on their way through the Vilra Valley, having taken note of ruins depicted on the other side of the nearby Antorren River on their map. They carried onto the rivers, being delayed by the multiple hot springs, paint pots, and other …

  • Main Page

    [[Factions]] - The various factions fighting for dominance of Northern Ahrea during the 2nd War of the Black Reign in AC1262. [[Dungeons]] - Dungeons and Ruins visited during this campaign. h3. Welcome to your wiki! This is your wiki Main Page. …

  • Dungeons

    [[Ruins of Yoerden]] [[Ruins of Norredes]] [[Towers of Vendir Dia'Gav]]

  • Ruins of Yoerden


  • Ruins of Norredes