Free People's Republic of Northern Ahrea

Allies -
Republic of Ie’Nellsa
Army of the Sword’s Path (Non-Active)
Free Republic of Tel’Na

Enemies -
Kingdom of Ahrea
Kingdom of Pel’Nea
Kingdom of Tel’Na
Legion of Vas

Established in AC1184, the Free People’s Republic of Northern Ahrea was formed due to the dissent against the Kingom of Ahrea due to a number of percieved wrongs against the people of Northern Ahrea.

The majority of usable forestlands in the Great Forest and farmland in the outying areas around the Great Forest are sectioned off as the private lands of the seated King of Southern Ahrea, which led to a great dissent of the populace of Northern Ahrea. The people of the FPRONA contest that over half of all usable land to sustain life in Northern Ahrea has been unrightfully claimed by the Crown and it’s use to provide food and supplies to Southern Ahrea illegal.

The Kingdom of Ahrea allows the slavery of Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and Half-Elves on it’s controlled lands. Though the slavery trade in Northern Ahrea is overly prosperous to those involved, a minority of people on the continent oppose the slavery of the elves – a position supported by Lord Enor of the High Elven-dominated Republic of Ia’Nellsa in a controversial showing of support for the actions of the FPRONA. A stated goal of the Free People’s Republic is the freedom of all people of Northern Ahrea regardless of race, and slavers are seen as a prime enemy against the Republic. The town of Norgstad has seen repeated attacks due to it’s status as a hub of the slave trade, though after the actions of Aras the Green Swordsman in AC1260, the security of the town has been considerably beefed up by units of the Crown’s Guard.

Free People's Republic of Northern Ahrea

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